Regular Cakes
  • Mix Fruit Cake

    Its fruity taste explodes in your mouth for moments of absolute magic.

    Rs. 699.00

  • Chocolate Truffle Cake

    A chocolate cake that not only looks great but also tastes yummy.

    Rs. 599.00

  • Oreo Cake

    The sight of dripping chocolate can make anyone's day. Oreos that look

    Rs. 699.00

  • Butterscotch Cake

    Oodles of butterscotch and cream that will entice you with its pure white beauty.

    Rs. 599.00

  • Choco Boquet Cake

    Enticing chocolate cake with thick, rich chocolate , enhanced by

    Rs. 699.00

  • Rainbow Cake

    Rainbow in a cake- handcrafted soft and moist layers of different

    Rs. 2097.00

  • Chocolate Oreo Cake

    This Chocolate Oreo Cake is to die for! A moist chocolate cake

    Rs. 699.00

  • Butterscotch carpet Cake

    This cake has oodles of butterscotch and chocolate soaked layers

    Rs. 699.00

  • Black Forest Cake

    This all-time favourite rich chocolate cake layered with dollops of cream

    Rs. 549.00

  • Red hearted cake

    A delicate mix of red velvet and chocolate-this cake is perfect

    Rs. 599.00

  • Choco Creme Cake

    Our original Chocolate Mousse cake gets all dolled up with handmade Pure chocolate

    Rs. 799.00

  • Mix Fruit (indian) Cake

    far from the traditional fruitcake- this is a heady mix of fresh and supple indian fruits

    Rs. 1498.00

  • Blue Curacao cake

    A simple vanilla cake transfomed into a thing of beauty!

    Rs. 1398.00

  • Dark Ecstasy

    this cake is magnificent in its rich dark colour lathered with truffle

    Rs. 1398.00

  • Praline Cake

    Indulge in a crunchy nutty chocolate cake the made for the adventurer in you.

    Rs. 699.00

  • Chocolate Mud Pie

    Crumbly cookie crust with gooey chocolate oozing out at every bite you take.

    Rs. 1598.00

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