Regular Cakes
  • Choco Chip Cake

    Just chocolate and more chocolates in every bite you take!.

    Rs. 499.00

  • Dense forest cake

    Made stunning by the splash of colourful fruits, this cake is a joy for everyone who takes a bite.

    Rs. 749.00

  • Lavender Petal Cake

    Romantic and elegant, lavender roses and delicate cream trimming

    Rs. 649.00

  • Vanilla Cake

    A simple and evergreen cake that's just perfect for any occasion.

    Rs. 499.00

  • Chocolate Cake

    a rich, frothy, creamy chocolate dessert cake layered with sinful dark chocolate

    Rs. 599.00

  • Mint Cake

    An unconventional combination of fresh mint and gooey chocolate

    Rs. 1398.00

  • Choco Fruit cake

    This cake combines the best of Fruits and Chocolate inside and out.

    Rs. 599.00

  • Chocolate Fan cake

    Dense, decadent chocolate cake embracing a light, airy chocolate mousse

    Rs. 599.00

  • Vanilla-Almond Cake

    tender and soft vanilla cake topped with classic and rich almond chunks

    Rs. 599.00

  • Coffee Love cake

    Calling all coffee lovers for this moist coffee cake with coffee

    Rs. 599.00

  • Pineapple Cake

    Pair Vanilla cake with the taste of tropical fresh Pineapple slices

    Rs. 599.00

  • Belgian Chocolate Cake

    A Belgian Chocolate truffle Cake, made with genuine,bittersweet belgian chocolate

    Rs. 749.00

  • Chocolate Web Cake

    This Moist Chocolate cake are only made more delicious by the ganache

    Rs. 599.00

  • Dense Choco Cake

    Enticing chocolate cake with thick, rich chocolate ganache

    Rs. 499.00

  • Red Velvet Cake

    A light German red velvet cake with our cream cheese filling and frosting.

    Rs. 899.00

  • Chocolate Walnut Cake

    A delicious chocolate cake, lightly spiced with cinnamon and flecked with walnuts.

    Rs. 699.00

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