Regular Cakes
  • Lemon Kiss

    Sweet and graceful-lemon mousse and lemony zest combined with vanilla sponge

    Rs. 699.00

  • Twisted Black Forest

    The humble blackforest gets a makeover with the top layer covered in truffle and chocolate lace.

    Rs. 1198.00

  • Chocolate Cream Cake

    No fuss simple and rich chocolate cake with pure white chocolate decorations

    Rs. 799.00

  • Almond Butterscotch Cake

    Humble butterscotch cake with a twist-Infusing rich and flavorful almonds

    Rs. 699.00

  • Chocolate Pure Mousse Cake

    A special cake made of soft and fluffy chocolate mousse

    Rs. 1398.00

  • Web Cake

    For all the spidey lovers!.. Indulge in this rich dome shaped chocolate cake

    Rs. 699.00

  • Caramel cake

    The blissful marriage of delicate caramel and decadent chocalate.

    Rs. 799.00

  • Coffee Frothy Cake

    Another version of coffee flavoured rich chocolate cake. Coffee flavoured

    Rs. 699.00

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